Promoting eye health through communication

The Challenge 

Left undiagnosed or untreated, eye diseases can lead to vision loss and/or blindness and have a devastating impact on people’s lives. Research conducted by the National Eye Institute’s (NEI’s) results in sight-saving treatments, reduces visual impairment and blindness, and improves the quality of life for millions of individuals and their families. We operate a health information center to support the NEI’s mission to promote the importance of early detection and timely treatment of eye disease.

Our Solutions 

  • We have developed award-winning plain language health information fact sheets, brochures, and reports; responded to thousands of inquiries from the general public, health care providers, and at-risk populations; and distributed millions of publications.
  • Westat planned and organized an 8-year nationwide tour for THE EYE SITE, NEI’s traveling exhibit on low vision. The exhibit had 5 interactive, multimedia kiosks that teach viewers about the causes of low vision, warning signs of eye disease, local resources, and a self-assessment.
  • We established and maintain NEI’s Twitter handle—@NatEyeInstitute—to engage NEI’s target audiences and get information on eye health out to a broader audience.
  • We design, develop, and host NEI’s web site, which has won multiple Web Health Awards.

The Results 

  • Westat has responded to thousands of inquiries and distributed millions of publications.
  • We consistently exceed performance objectives and provide exceptional customer service.
  • THE EYE SITE visited 109 shopping malls and other public venues in 45 states and the District of Columbia, giving more than 45 million people the opportunity to learn about low vision.
  • We employ innovative social strategies to broaden the reach and impact of the NEI’s health information.
  • In 2013, the NEI Twitter handle received a Merit Award in the Social Media category of the Web Health Awards.

Our Client 

National Eye Institute (NEI)