Providing more support for teachers to excel

The Challenge 

The U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) focuses on reforming state and district human capital management, educator evaluation, and compensation systems to ultimately improve student achievement. Since 2006, Westat has supported each of the TIF cohorts of grants and the program office to meet the strategic goals of the initiative.

Our Solutions 

  • Westat leads a team of organizations working with ED to support TIF grantees in implementing robust educator effectiveness and human capital management systems, as well as reforming educator compensation systems. We provide direct technical assistance to grantees in areas such as human capital management, educator leadership, data quality, stakeholder engagement, program evaluation, fiscal modeling, and sustainability.
  • Examples of our technical assistance outreach to grantees include
    • Providing assistance to develop a pathway that offers educators structured career, developmental stages based on evaluation and performance pay
    • Working with grantees to develop cost models to estimate short- and long-term costs of career pathways and ladders
    • Helping TIF grantees design, implement, and evaluate comprehensive teacher and principal evaluation systems that integrate measures of student academic growth and professional practice, and effectively tie the evaluation results to educator professional learning
    • Working with TIF grantees to build capacity around teacher leadership and career ladders and lattices
    • Partnering with grantees to design an effective plan to communicate with educators, parents, and the community
    • Working with grantees to develop and reform human capital management systems to help district offices communicate more effectively, help processes and programs intersect and leverage resources for efficiency, and improve mission goals and programmatic outcomes
    • Supporting TIF grantees in building long-term sustainability across the domains of their programs
  • Our team supports program officers in monitoring TIF grantees for program compliance and success.

The Results 

  • With the help of Westat’s team of experts, TIF grantees are leading the charge in piloting new and innovative reforms in educator effectiveness and human capital management systems. Our technical assistance partnerships have provided grantees with solutions to the constant challenges that they face. Our outreach has enabled grantees as follows:
    • Develop systemic organizational changes to overcome real and perceived obstacles by implementing reformed human capital management systems that engage all grantee stakeholders to achieve mission goals
    • Create communication plans that actively engage all stakeholders through in-person meetings (i.e., town halls), technology (i.e., web sites and IT platforms), and media (i.e., newspapers, TV stations, and social media); and achieve the necessary support to create systemic change