Streamlining cancer trials

The Challenge 

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) continually looks for ways to streamline and standardize its clinical trials to ensure that results can readily translate into cancer treatments. As part of these efforts, in April 2014, NCI launched the Experimental Therapeutics Clinical Trials Network (ETCTN) to help organizations conduct collaborative, early-stage trials of possible cancer therapies.

Westat will evaluate the first 3 years of ETCTN’s 5-year funding cycle.

Our Solutions 

  • Our evaluation will
    • Identify measures that systematically describe how the program has performed and the extent to which it has achieved its goals
    • Develop and administer online surveys to ETCTN members that ask about their satisfaction with the program and what they see as its strengths and challenges
    • Conduct in-depth telephone interviews with select ETCTN members
    • Document the extent to which ETCTN is being implemented as planned
    • Identify course corrections where needed
    • Report our findings and recommendations to NCI

The Results 

  • Our evaluation will allow NCI to make improvements that ensure ETCTN members can do collaborative, high-quality, streamlined, cost-effective drug development and early-stage clinical research.

Our Client 

National Cancer Institute (NCI)