Transform mobility with Connected Vehicles

The Challenge 

Imagine that your car could sense hazards with a 360-degree awareness of other vehicles. Imagine that your car could calculate risk and warn you about a crash, or even act to protect you from it. This car of the future is coming today with Connected Vehicles.

Connected Vehicles is a major initiative to improve transportation safety and mobility based on connectivity: communication among road users, the transportation infrastructure, and personal wireless devices that offer 360-degree awareness about surrounding conditions and threats.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asked Westat to help with developing the safety messages that drivers will receive through Connected Vehicles.

Our Solutions 

  • Westat is developing guidance on designing and evaluating safety messages that drivers will receive under the Connected Vehicles program.
  • Westat is specifically investigating the messages that will really keep drivers safe.  The car of the future will send you safety messages that could distract you from the road or give you warnings you cannot understand. Westat is investigating the human factors issues involved in providing Connected Vehicles safety communications to drivers. The goal is to ensure quick and accurate comprehension, identify proper message timing, and avoid information overload and distraction.

The Results 

  • Westat’s support is helping the Connected Vehicles program develop standard protocols to enhance driving safety.

Our Client 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)