Understanding bicyclists’ route choices in the Monterey Bay area

The Challenge 

Regional planners and policymakers in the Monterey Bay, California, area wanted to know the best places to put new bicycle routes.

To better understand what influences bicyclists’ decisions about their routes, the Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority supported a project called CycleTracks. The project provided bicyclists with mobile apps for collecting basic information about their routes.

Westat provided technical expertise and data collection for the project.

Our Solutions 

For the project, we:

  • Developed the web app that captures information necessary for understanding the purpose of the bike trips and the reasons bicyclists chose certain routes
  • Worked with the client to design a new web site for the project that is consistent with the client’s main web site
  • Ensured the web site performed well on multiple web browsers, including on computers, tablets, and smartphones

The Results 

  • The data that the project collected helped local transportation planners determine where to make improvements to existing bike lanes and construct new bike facilities.