Why does America vote as it does?

The Challenge 

How do Americans really think and feel about topics like politics, health, work, school, retirement, and other subjects?

The American National Election Studies (ANES) explored these issues as part of the 2016 Time Series Study – Internet and Face-to-Face Components, which Westat conducted for Stanford University and the University of Michigan with funding from the National Science Foundation. The ANES is the premier survey covering voting, public opinion, and political participation in the United States.

Our Solutions 

  • We interviewed about 4,300 participants around the nation to learn how people really feel about American life today.

The Results 

  • Researchers from Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and others will start publishing the study results in 2017 online and in professional journals, books, and possibly magazines. The results are used in college classes and by writers and policymakers.

Our Client 

Stanford University
University of Michigan