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Westat brings 60 years of expertise to conduct complex surveys, with the ability to obtain highly reliable and actionable data with high response rates. Our experienced and flexible teams—from survey design, to operations integration, to multimode data collection, to analysis—provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. We apply tested strategies to surveys of all sizes, from small qualitative studies, to the largest national household and school-based studies, to the U.S. component of multinational studies.

Collaborative Teams

Our people include experts in subject matter, statistics, survey methodology, and programming who leverage our IT and data collection infrastructure to help clients achieve their goals, regardless of project scale or scope. Our connected network of field and professional staff have expertise in recruiting persons, households, educational institutions, businesses, and many other types of organizations for study participation.

The Right Tools

We have the largest field data collection force outside a federal agency and can scale a data collection project as needed. They are supported by staff in operations, IT, training, tracing, help desk support, translation, accessibility, and creative services. Once deployed, we use advanced platforms and technologies to manage logistics and mitigate risks. Westat has built complex field management systems that include highly efficient, effective field operations dashboards for displaying critical information at a glance. These survey dashboards bring production, quality, and cost data together to allow users to examine tradeoffs, take action, and monitor results.

Risk Management

Westat fields several complex, large-scale data collections across the country throughout the year. What happens when there’s a public health crisis or natural disaster that threatens the safety of staff and respondents, and impacts business operations? In recent years, this challenging environment has spurred both researchers and clients to find new ways to make all modes of interviewing more responsive and to balance issues such as schedules, quality, cost, and response rates.

Looking Forward

Westat is looking ahead to create more resilient surveys and approaches, using telephone interviewing in more thoughtful ways, expanding the use of video and web interviewing, and exploring other multimode combinations. It is a matter of targeting the right approaches to engage respondents, reduce their burden, and keep response rates high.

“Westat has always been in the forefront of the changing research landscape. Our priority is to maintain the highest quality standards across all data collection modes. We are always examining ways to implement new strategies.”

Brad Edwards, Westat Vice President and Director of Field Services


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18,000 ECLS-K 2024 will follow 18,000 children of all ethnic and racial groups in 1,000 public and private schools nationwide, beginning in their kindergarten year through 5th grade.

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