Westat Center for Association Services: About Us

About the Center

The Center for Association Services at Westat helps associations and nonprofits fuel decisions about their programs, membership, donors, and industry-focused issues and opportunities with reliable research, data-driven strategies, effective communication, and deep understanding of nonprofits. Our 50 years of experience in data management, statistics, surveys, and analysis enables us to support our clients in keeping ahead in the ever-evolving association and nonprofit landscape.

What We Do

Partnership. Our team builds partnerships with nonprofit clients. We are there to help you reach your organizational and project goals. We stand by you–from identifying your research objectives all the way through implementation and evaluation.

Support. Our center offers a wide range of services from full-service research support to targeted services such as data aggregation, research analysis, data visualization, and more. We tailor our services to you and develop a custom, effective, and reliable research plan aligned with your needs and budget.

Success. Whether we are helping clients define research goals and objectives, designing a member satisfaction survey, managing organizational data, or conducting evaluations; the Center for Association Services is here to assist. We can help your organization leverage data to increase membership, expand revenue, maximize operations, and succeed.