PIAAC Webinar: Skills Data on College-Educated Immigrants and Economic Integration

December 5, 2022

How do key demographic, skill, and employment characteristics of college-educated U.S. immigrants differ from their native-born counterparts? Do greater skills always translate to better employment? What other factors moderate the relationship between skill level and economic integration? Data from the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), a comprehensive international survey of adult skills, helps provide answers to these questions in an upcoming free webinar. Westat designed the sampling approach and collected the data for the study.

PIAAC Research Webinar Series

The Importance of Skills and Qualifications for College-Educated Immigrants’ Economic Integration; Thursday, December 15, 2022, 12:30-1:45 pm (ET)

Attend: Meeting registration

Presenters: Dr. Jeanne Batalova and Michael Fix, Migration Policy Institute (MPI); Discussant: Dr. Roberto Suro, University of Southern California; Moderator: Dr. Monica Mean, U.S. Department of Labor

“There are many school-based assessments, but PIAAC is the only nationally representative assessment of adult skills in the United States,” notes Jacqueline Hogan, a Westat Vice President. “PIAAC data provide policymakers, educators, and workforce development programs with insight into the ability of adults to process and use information as the demand for these skills becomes increasingly important both in labor markets and in daily life. PIAAC measurements are critical not only to a maintaining a competitive workforce but also to understanding the abilities of adults to access and use information in an increasingly digital society.”


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