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Focus Areas

  • Behavioral Health

    For clients seeking to reduce the impact of mental illness and substance abuse, Westat delivers critical insights into best practices and programs. Our research provides clients with actionable insights to address opioid addiction, tobacco use, and complex behavioral health issues.

  • Clinical Research

    Westat’s clinical research solutions help clients efficiently bring important treatments and therapeutics to market to tackle chronic health conditions and emerging infectious diseases. Our deep experience has greatly expanded current knowledge about diseases, advancing health outcomes for society at large.

  • Education

    Westat’s educational focus is our clients’ focus: identify the best ways to ensure quality education for all learners. So we find answers to support education equity, inclusive environments, teacher effectiveness, institutional capacity building, early learning, and better outcomes for students with disabilities.

  • Food and Nutrition

    When food insecurity or insufficient knowledge about healthy eating threaten Americans’ health, Westat’s pioneering methodology supports our clients’ nutrition assistance programs, ensuring individuals’ access to affordable, nutritious food; consumption of healthier diets; and receipt of entitled benefits without compromising effective public fund management.

  • Health Services Research and Health Policy

    Can clients enhance their health care system’s value, patient care experiences and outcomes, and health equity while reducing costs? Westat’s expertise in innovative health care delivery models and value-based care delivers answers, contributing to both health care providers and patients.

  • Labor and Workforce Development

    Is job dissatisfaction impacting productivity? Are job trainings helping unemployed Americans find work and employers find skilled workers? How extensive are workers’ rights violations? And how can clients enhance job services for people with disabilities? Westat’s rigorous research finds the answers.

  • Public Health

    Westat’s data science and multicenter approach enables clients to make groundbreaking medical advances to prevent, diagnose and treat communicable and noncommunicable diseases. For decades, our commitment has remained unchanged: use our research expertise to protect and improve the public’s health.

  • Social Services

    Westat applies our analytical and surveillance talents to help clients effectively and equitably respond to the needs of multiple populations: the elderly, at-risk youth, veterans, children and families, victims of sexual violence, individuals experiencing homelessness, and others seeking to thrive.

  • Transportation

    How can we reduce traffic fatalities, make our roads and vehicles safer, and plan for future transportation needs? Westat’s examination of driver behaviors, emerging technological advances, and current and future traffic patterns enables clients to make transportation safer and more efficient.


  • Advanced Technologies

    Westat uses the most advanced technologies in infrastructure, software, and security. We support clients’ research challenges by using powerful computer-assisted interviewing systems, survey processing tools, and innovative statistical software.

  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology

    Westat optimizes clients’ clinical trials and observational and disease surveillance studies to rapidly generate the intelligence needed to safeguard and improve the nation’s health. Our researchers answer concerns about vaccine effectiveness and diseases.

  • Communications

    Reaching and influencing audiences can be difficult without strategic communications planning. Westat’s award-winning communications team offers clients creative, data-driven, high-impact health promotion messages through multiple media channels, events, and partnerships, encouraging positive health behaviors for targeted populations.

  • Data Collection

    Data is the foundation of research requiring unparalleled skill in collecting it. Westat offers clients this expertise beginning with training data collectors and recruiting and maintaining active participants to choosing the best collection methods, managing the process, and handling environmental and biological specimens.

  • Data Science

    Delivering timely, quality data and helping our clients understand them is our priority. By empowering data through advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, geographic information systems, and data visualization techniques, Westat enables clients to drive smart solutions to advance public health.

  • Equity

    Westat’s efforts to advance equity start with a culture where everyone has a voice, and extends to applying a multidimensional equity lens to projects. We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion as both organizational values and a framework for our work.

  • Evaluation and Mixed-Methods Research

    Are the nation’s social programs and policies actually succeeding? Can they be more effective? Westat’s impact, implementation, and outcome evaluations answer these questions, helping clients course correct, if necessary, or embrace new approaches to achieve more favorable results for various populations.

  • Statistical Methods

    Westat is world-renowned for advanced, creative statistical methods that fuel solutions to client challenges. Our deep understanding of survey statistics, analysis and modeling, data harmonization and data linkage, and data privacy guarantees delivery of trusted data to inform smart decisions.

  • Survey Design

    Whether clients require large national studies or small surveys, the data quality must be exceptional. Westat’s trailblazing multimode data collection strategies, interview techniques and data management and harmonization methods guarantees this so that clients can solve the challenges they face.

  • Technical Assistance

    Whether the need is for designing and implementing system change initiatives, engaging stakeholders, developing trainings, or creating tools and products to expeditiously yield results, Westat responds with innovative, custom-tailored technical assistance (TA)—helping clients help recipients achieve end goals.

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