Public Health Communications: Rural vs. Urban

May 4, 2022

Is where you live considered urban or rural? These federal definitions can influence how you learn about public health and health interventions. Westat staff will share information on this topic at the Annual Rural Health Conference, May 10-13, 2022, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The mission of the conference is to help raise the standard for rural health.

Westat staff (in bold) will be participating as follows.

Kristin Schrader, Grace Huang, Candace Maynard, and Robin Vanderpool. (Poster). Using Multiple Measures of Rurality to Assess the Rural-Urban Dichotomization of Calls to the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Information Service.

The authors examine commonly used measures of rurality to understand if these measures align in their designation of communities as rural or urban. By considering a more precise definition of rurality based on the characteristics of rural communities, public health practitioners may more accurately identify the appropriate audience for information dissemination efforts and interventions.


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