Shawn McCloskey

Senior Research Associate


Shawn McCloskey is a Senior Research Associate with more than 16 years of experience in travel behavior research. He has extensive experience with survey design and implementation, specification development for web surveys and smartphone applications, data quality review, data analysis, and technical report writing. McCloskey manages resources and collaborates with experts from a variety of disciplines, including statisticians, developers, and analysts, to ensure that all meet project demands and client needs.

McCloskey has managed more than a dozen national, regional, and statewide household travel survey efforts, including the successful collection of travel behavioral data from 129,000 households in the 2017 National Household Travel Survey. He is currently overseeing the 2024 National Household Travel Survey NextGen survey effort. As part of the Colorado Statewide Household Travel Survey effort, McCloskey oversaw the development of a novel participant dashboard and a progressive multimodal long-distance travel survey. In addition to travel behavior research, he has supported other transportation research efforts, such as highway safety and driving behavior studies.


  • BS, Behavioral Sciences, York College of Pennsylvania

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