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    How Do We Provide More Accurate Predictions?

    May 2, 2023

    How accurately can policymakers predict the impact of their decisions in their local content? In a new article, “Using a Multi-Site RCT to Predict Impacts…

  • Journal Article

    Contributions of nearby agricultural insecticide applications to indoor residential exposures

    Environment International

    January 2023

    J.M. Madrigal, R.B. Gunier, R.R. Jones, A. Flory, C. Metayer, J.R. Nuckols, M.H. Ward

  • Journal Article

    Pathogenesis of histologic variations of appendiceal mucinous neoplasms

    European Journal of Surgical Oncology

    January 2023

    P.H. Sugarbaker, D. Chang, J. Liang

  • Journal Article

    Health-related quality of life in children and adolescents with pleuropulmonary blastoma: A report from the International PPB/DICER1 Registry

    Pediatric Blood and Cancer

    January 2023

    A.T. Nelson, A. Dybvik, P. Mallinger, S.W. McQuaid, D. Watson, L.A. Harney, D.R. Stewart, L.P. Dehner, Y.H. Messinger, A.S. Kunin-Batson, K.A.P. Schultz

  • Journal Article

    Perceived racial/ethnic discrimination and cigarette smoking behaviors among a sample of people with HIV

    Journal of Behavioral Medicine

    January 2023

    S. Agterberg, A.H. Weinberger, C.A. Stanton, J. Shuter

  • Journal Article

    Association between tobacco product use and asthma among US adults from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study waves 2-4

    BMJ Open Respiratory Research

    January 2023

    M.F. Brunette, M.J. Halenar, K.C. Edwards, Kristie Taylor, J.A. Emond, S.E. Tanski, S. Woloshin, L.M. Paulin, A. Hyland, K. Lauten, M. Mahoney, C. Blanco, N. Borek, L.C. DaSilva, L.D. Gardner, H.L. Kimmel, J.D. Sargent

  • Journal Article

    Manhattan Vision Screening and Follow-up Study (NYC-SIGHT): Baseline results and costs of a cluster-randomized trial

    American Journal of Ophthalmology

    January 2023

    L.A. Hark, J.D. Horowitz, P. Gorroochurn, L. Park, Q. Wang, D.F. Diamond, N. Harizman, J.D. Auran, S.C. Maruri, D.R. Henriquez, J. Carrion, R.S.M. Muhire, Y.S. Kresch, L.T. Pizzi, E. Jutkowitz, Saloni Sapru, T. Sharma, C.G. De Moraes, D.S. Friedman, J.M. Liebmann, G.A. C

  • Journal Article

    Retrospective dataset and survey analyses identify gaps in data collection for craniopharyngioma and priorities of patients and families affected by the disease


    January 2023

    E. Marshall, N. Joshi, J. Crowley, S. McCormack, S. Cheng, W. Faig, P.B. Storm, A. Resnick, S. Mueller, F. Malbari, C. Kline

  • Journal Article

    Statistical data integration using multilevel models to predict employee compensation

    Canadian Journal of Statistics

    January 2023

    A.L. Erciulescu, Jean Opsomer, B.J. Schneider

  • Journal Article

    Assessing substance use disorder among Social Security Administration disability applicants

    Psychiatric Services

    January 2023

    J.D. Metcalfe, Robert Drake

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