Westat Employee Testimonials

See first-hand what people have to say about their experiences as Westat employees and how many of our staff have grown their careers over decades-long journeys on the Westat team.

Lauren Laimon

Lauren Laimon joined Westat 20 years ago as a Research Assistant, and now is a Senior Study Director. Westat has enabled Lauren to develop and lead teams with forward thinking individuals, work on impactful projects, and maintain work-life balance. This was Lauren’s first job out of college and since that time, she has obtained her Master’s degree, gotten married, had two kids, and continues to grow her career at Westat.

Rod Mohadjer

Rod Mohadjer, Associate Director of Contracts, shares how Westat supports educational opportunities, employee access to leadership and senior staff, and how Westat continues to make a difference with projects and work we’re involved in.

Raji Riggs

Raji Riggs, Associate Director of Total Rewards, knew from the moment she walked through the door and interviewed at Westat, she belonged here! Raji discusses Westat’s health and wellness programs, benefits such as the employee assistance program, employee stock ownership plan, and our 401K. And lastly, what makes Westat an employer of choice

Cristina Rabadán-Diehl

Associate Director, Cristina Rabadán-Diehl, discusses why she joined Westat four years ago after working for a client, her passion for participating in the company’s employee resource groups, and the support Westat has provided to grow her career.

Adele Polson

Adele Polson shares her career growth at Westat from Research Associate to a Senior Study Director. As a 23 year employee, Adele discusses how Westat’s innovation drives research and provides data that impacts government decisions, how the Transportation team is open to new challenges, and how her colleagues all look out for one another, even beyond the workplace.

Andrew Caporaso

Westat is on the cutting edge of research! Andrew Caporaso, Survey Methodologist, first learned of Westat through University of Maryland’s Joint Program of Survey Methodology. After joining Westat in 2009, Andrew values the company’s investment in his career, discusses working alongside research experts, and how Westat encourages staff to network and participate in corporate sponsored sports leagues.

Donna Bennett

We’re all one big team! Donna Bennett, Senior Manager Communications Control and Operations, reflects on her 37 year career at Westat and her passion for 508 compliance. Donna congratulates her teams on their ongoing collaboration and sharing of information that continues to advance her staff. Westat is dedicated to improving lives through research and her team exemplifies the corporate mission.

Michelle Amsbary

Michelle Amsbary, Vice President & Associate Director, has been with Westat for 24 years after joining the company as part of University of Maryland’s Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM) program. Michelle also discusses building qualified teams, relationships with clients, and what it’s like working for an employee owned company.

Abie Reifer

Abie Reifer, Vice President of Information Technology, discusses his roles and responsibilities at Westat, what employee ownership means to him, and maintaining a work/life balance. Abie also notes, that if you want to learn new initiatives, broaden your horizons, and contribute to society, Westat is the place to be!

Glynis Jones

Glynis Jones, Senior Study Director, has been innovating research capabilities at Westat for over 18 years and is proud to call Westat home. Throughout her tenure, she has excelled in various roles, giving her the opportunity to enhance her skills and become a project manager. Her passion includes projects that impact local communities and playing an active role in Westat’s Multicultural Education and Impact team, which engages and educates staff about diversity.

Erin Wiley

Erin Wiley, Senior Statistician, joined Westat 20 years ago as an intern, when she was looking for statistical experience. Since that time, Erin has worked in education, which has contributed in making informative decisions and policies that affect students within local communities. Her longevity at Westat is driven by the culture and vitality of the staff, and working alongside prestigious names within the statistics community.

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