Field Data Collection and Management

Our ecosystem of integrated tools provides a cost-effective, easily deployed, and standardized management system framework to support field data collection. It is highly scalable and can support research projects from just a few interviewers to thousands. The system is highly configurable and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of individual projects with minimal effort.

Field management methods and tools ensure that study activities are effectively scheduled and monitored. We can:

  • Implement project-specific field staff model with appropriate controls to assign and transfer cases, respond to nonresponse and language issues
  • Report progress in real time
  • Manage data collection via multiple sources, including mobile, web, in person
  • Support team member coordination  to gain participant cooperation
  • Manage large-scale assessments such as those conducted at schools and nursing facilities

Multimode data collection approach and tools allow study participants to complete survey instruments using their preferred channel (i.e., web, hard-copy mail, interviewer-adminstered), thereby improving response rates.  We can: 

  • Optimize, and orchestrate respondent’s data collection across a combination of modes that includes face-to-face, video, phone, web, or paper
  • Maximize mode efficiency through sophisticated contact protocols, including mail, email, and text
  • increase response rates with effective incentive management

Quality assurance approach and tools are baked into our field study ecosystem.  We offer:

  • Responsive dashboards use field management transactions, GIS paradata, and survey outcomes to support efficient data collection and rapid feedback as well as ensure quality
  • Review of completion metrics and recalibration of sampling algorithms as needed
Field Data Management Systems

Medical Expenditure Panel Study (MEPS)

MEPS is sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the National Center for Health Statistics. The study is designed to create a comprehensive database of information on health care utilization and expenditures for the noninstitutionalized U.S. civilians. Under the unique MEPS design, information collected from households is combined with information from the households’ medical providers to provide a comprehensive picture of health care in the United States.

Medical Expenditure Panel Survey illustration

Our field management tools have allowed us to successfully collect and manage 700,000+ in-person household interviews during 25 years of continuous data collection. 

Biological and Environmental Specimen Tracking System (BEST)

For a significant number of healthcare research projects, biospecimens and environmental samples are collected for analysis. Westat’s BEST manages the logistics around field- and clinical-based biospecimen and environment sample collection, shipping, processing, and testing, as well as integrates with inventory and laboratory management systems. For 15+ years, BEST has ensured research successes.

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