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Coleridge Initiative Competition Challenges Coders to Discover Use, Value of Public Data

March 23, 2021

Data, evidence, and science are critical if government is to address so many imminent threats: pandemics, climate change and coastal inundation, Alzheimer’s disease, child hunger, biodiversity, among others. Yet much of the information about data needed to inform evidence and science is locked inside publications.

The Coleridge Initiative is launching a new competition, Show Us the Data, to spur the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock this information. Westat is among the sponsors of this exciting competition. Participants are challenged to use natural language processing (NLP) to identify critical datasets used in scientific publications. This work will help researchers quickly find the data they need to do their work. The effort will help improve access and use of critical datasets.

Competitive team challenges will help governments leverage their data as a strategic asset—and show the value of data produced with federal funding. They will help provide agencies with an open and transparent way to do so—to assess how data are being used and provide a scientific basis for evidence-based decisionmaking—and to support the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, which requires the federal government to modernize its data management practices and produce data inventories.

The competition begins on March 23 and final submission is June 22. See the Coleridge Initiative—Show Us the Data website for details.

The Coleridge Initiative is a not-for-profit established to use data for social good, including furthering science through publicly available research.


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