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Jeri Mulrow Elected 2026 ASA President

May 21, 2024

Jeri Mulrow, MS, has been elected President by the American Statistical Association (ASA) membership for the year 2026. Her term will span from 2025-26, serving as President-Elect in 2025 and then as President on January 1, 2026. Ms. Mulrow has been an active contributor to ASA for 35 years, having previously served on its Board and as Vice President from 2014-16 as well as on many ASA committees. She is a sought-after speaker and expert on topics such as justice statistics, federal data utilization, and creating opportunities for early career statisticians and data scientists to advance their technical knowledge, communication and collaboration skills, and leadership experience.

As ASA President, Ms. Mulrow will support activities that engage the next generations of statisticians and inspire them to be advocates and principled practitioners of statistics and data science. Supporting statistical and data science literacy at all levels of education and adult learning and communicating the value of equitable and representative statistics to governments and individuals globally are key pillars of Ms. Mulrow’s vision for ASA during her tenure.

Ms. Mulrow is Westat’s Vice President and Sector Lead for Data Solutions, with a wide portfolio that includes overseeing the statistics and data science teams as well as the survey, research, and field operations units. In addition to this critical leadership role, she specializes in statistical areas like sampling and estimation methods, survey design, data quality improvement, and data visualization for effective information sharing.

“I am deeply honored to have been elected by the membership of ASA as their president,” noted Ms. Mulrow. “It is a privilege to lead such a distinguished organization and to continue advocating for advancements in statistics and data science that benefit society as a whole.”


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