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New Data on Needs of Older Adults Experiencing Homelessness

November 16, 2023

What do we know about the needs of older adults experiencing homelessness? What housing and services are available to help them? A new report recently released by ASPE at HHS and authored by Westat staff provides answers.

Addressing Homelessness Among Older Adults: Final Report (PDF) maps the landscape of research and literature, enhanced by interviews, on older adults at risk of or experiencing homelessness, their needs, and existing services and supports, and examines the disproportionate impacts on racial and ethnic groups. Challenges accessing assistance are highlighted, along with innovative practices from the COVID-19 pandemic that could mitigate them. The report discusses service gaps and recommends ways to better identify and serve this population.

Westat authors include Kathryn A. Henderson, PhD; Nanmathi Manian, PhD; Debra J. Rog, PhD; Evan Robison, MPH; Ethan Jorge; and Monirah Al-Abdulmunem, MS.

“Older adults experiencing and at risk of homelessness have unique needs,” notes Henderson, the lead author. “Understanding the pathways, characteristics, and service gaps are critical to moving forward to address these challenges and better serve this population.”


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