Texting While Driving—Implications of Legislation on Electronic Devices

March 9, 2021

Using electronic devices while driving is unsafe, but legislation and enforcement is inconsistent throughout the U.S. What are the current electronic device use laws and enforcement strategies? Westat staff will be presenting on this topic at a Transportation Research Board (TRB)-hosted webinar, Texting While Driving–Implications of Legislation on Electronic Devices, on Monday, March 15, 2021, 1-2:30 p.m. (ET). The webinar is free but you must register.

The webinar speakers will feature research from the Behavioral Traffic Safety Cooperative Research Program’s (BTSCRP’s) first report, which was recently published: Using Electronic Devices While Driving: Legislation and Enforcement Implications. Westat’s Amy Benedick and Doreen De Leonardis, Ph.D., and independent consultant Sharon Levi will discuss public awareness strategies and successes in various jurisdictions. They will also identify key deliverables designed to share best practices with stakeholders.

This webinar is sponsored by the TRB Standing Committees on Traffic Law Enforcement, Human Factors of Vehicles, and Impairment in Transportation.


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