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Westat to Support Wearable Sensor Study, TemPredict, to Detect COVID-19

June 3, 2020

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) has awarded Westat a project to support a rapid-turnaround COVID-19 study: TemPredict. The study uses a wearable sensor, the Oura ring, to observe associations between dermal body temperature, heart rate, and related metrics, and the onset of COVID-19 symptoms. Another component of the study involves the self-collection of a blood sample from the participants’ finger for COVID-19 antibody testing. This 8-month contract is valued at $1 million.

Westat is managing the antibody test kit delivery and blood sample self-collection for 10,000+ TemPredict participants. We are working with GBF, Inc., a diagnostic kit packaging and supply distributor, to assemble the kits, produce instructions, and ship kits to participants. We also will receipt, store, and ship the collected samples to Vitalant Research Institute for further testing.

The Westat team includes Kerry Grace Morrissey, who is providing oversight as the project director; Kathy Clingan, who serves as the data manager; and Carrie Boyce, who is the biospecimen manager.

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