Are federal employees satisfied with their jobs?

Surveying federal workers to ensure an engaged workforce


The federal government needs a productive, engaged workforce to carry out its many responsibilities, from national defense and disaster relief to education and health research.

The government assesses the level of engagement and job satisfaction and attitudes toward management of its more than 1.8 million employees by administering the Office of Personnel Management Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (OPM FEVS). The survey participants represent 80+ federal agencies and a wide range of employee groups, including part-time staff, field staff, veterans, people with disabilities, and more.

Westat has helped carry out the OPM FEVS since 2004.


We help with

  • Advising on sampling and questionnaire design
  • Operating a help center for survey participants
  • Maintaining a website where federal agencies can view their real-time response rates
  • Weighting and analyzing the survey results
  • Generating 20,000+ agency-specific reports
  • Disseminating all reports on Westat’s Data Explorer (WesDaX), an online reporting and analysis tool that also allows agency leaders to analyze the survey data and download reports


The OPM FEVS offers an accurate and dynamic means to monitor emerging workforce issues and the perceptions of federal employees. 

The survey helps federal agencies address key workforce issues and develop an engaged, innovative, and productive workforce.


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