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Americans take 1.1 billion trips a day and travel 4 trillion miles a year. We help find and address transportation challenges through studies of vehicle technology and safety, travel behavior, and traffic operations systems. We explore issues related to roadway users, vehicle automation, connectivity, and more.

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Chang, C.-C., L.N. Boyle, J.D. Lee, and J. Jenness. (2017).

Using tactile detection response tasks to assess in-vehicle voice control interactions.

Lerner, N., T. Brown, D. Marshall, and J. Gaspar. (2017).

Replicating test track protocols in a simulator: What needs to be matched?.

Lerner, N., C.L. Baldwin, D.M. Roberts, D. Barragan, J.D. Lee, and J.S. Higgins. (2017).

Detecting and quantifying mind wandering during simulated driving.

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