2022 FedCASIC Workshops Feature Westat Leadership, Expertise

March 29, 2022

Westat researchers are bringing their expertise in data science, eye-tracking, natural language processing, multimode surveys, and more to the virtual 2022 Federal Computer-Assisted Survey Information Collection Workshops, known as FedCASIC 2022, April 5-6, 2022.

Westat Vice Presidents Jane Shepherd, Ph.D., and Brad Edwards are the Westat coordinators for this annual workshop series.

Westat staff (names in bold) are contributing in the following ways.  The * indicates presenter. For more details, see the workshop site.

Jesus Arrue*, Darby Steiger, and David Cantor. (Presentation). Choice Matters: Testing Multiple Video Platforms to Collect Survey Data.

David Cantor*, Darby Steiger, and Reanne Townsend. (Presentation). Testing for a Mode Effect When Collecting Data on Rape and Sexual Assault: A Comparison of Self-Administered Versus Interviewer Administered Surveys.

Alisha Creel*, Brad Edwards, Rick Dulaney, Ralph DiGaetano, Hanyu Sun, Alexis Kokoska, and David Cantor. (Presentation). Multimode Development and Data Quality Assessment in the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS).

Eric Jodts. (Moderator). Multimode Surveys and Mode Effects.

Alexis Kokoska* and Danielle Mayclin. (Presentation). Administering In-Person Show Cards in the Telephone Mode.

Meghan Martin*, Cindy Good, Francisco Cifuentes, and Michelle Amsbary. (Presentation). Using Natural Language Processing to Help Develop a Frame of Energy Suppliers.

Thom Mienk* and Michelle Amsbary. (Presentation). Multimode Contact and Data Collection PIN Management for a Seamless Respondent Experience.

Dennis Pickett. (Panelist). Data Governance and Security.

Jane Shepherd. (Panel Moderator). Challenges and Approaches Related to Data Governance.

Hanyu Sun* and Ting Yan. (Presentation). Using Machine Learning to Assess Interviewer and Question Performance.

Monica L Wolford*, Jill Carle, Rick Dulaney, and Ryan Hubbard. (Presentation). Electronic Advancements in Complex Multimode Collection: Using Digital Signatures to Access Medical Records on the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.

Xiaoshu Zhu* and Ting Yan. (Presentation). Impact of Variable Selection on Mode Effect Adjustment for a Longitudinal Study.


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