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San Antonio’s Early Childhood Initiative Pre-K 4 SA Benefits Children and Community

March 3, 2020

ear-to-year evaluations of San Antonio’s Pre-K 4 SA initiative, launched in 2013, have shown the program provides short- and long-term benefits to children and families, as well as providing a positive return on investment for San Antonio taxpayers, who funded the initiative with a 1/8 cent increase in local sales tax. San Antonio receives a conservatively estimated return of $3,790+ per child from its investment. In 2020, San Antonio citizens will have an opportunity to vote to continue the initiative. Westat has evaluated the Pre-K 4 SA initiative since its inception.

Pre-K 4 SA serves 2,000+ children annually in 4 geographically dispersed education centers across San Antonio. It reaches thousands more through teacher professional development opportunities and competitive grant competitions to local districts, charters, and early childhood programs across the city.


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