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Sustainable Funding for Teacher Residency Programs

July 26, 2023

How can stakeholders help build sustainable funding for teacher residency programs? In a recent study Building Sustainable Funding for Teacher Residency Programs published by the Journal of Education Human Resources, Matthew Finster, PhD, a Westat researcher, and Mark Fermanich of APA Consulting discuss the “4 Rs” of sustainable funding: reallocation, reduction, reinvestment, and realignment.

Matthew Finster

Researchers further suggest that most of the needed resources are already in the system, but they need to be realigned and reapplied. This can occur through cooperation and collaboration among state policymakers, educator preparation programs, and local school districts.

“To fulfill their promise, teacher residency programs need to be organized and funded to offer living stipends to attract high-quality candidates,” notes Finster.


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