Westat’s Tobacco & Policy Research Expertise @ SRNT 2024

March 14, 2024

Members of Westat’s Tobacco Studies Group will present their research at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco’s (SRNT’s) 2024 conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, March 20-23, 2024. Their work addresses a range of vital public health and policy areas, such as biomarkers of tobacco use, health equity considerations among people at high risk for tobacco-related health problems, and tobacco product marketing responses to federal policies. These symposia, posters, and talks are the fruit of their collaborations with federal agencies and leading research institutions.

Some of the research products stem from Westat’s role as the contractor carrying out the federal government’s Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study and the Center for Coordination of Analysis, Science, Enhancement, and Logistics (CASEL) for the Tobacco Regulatory Science Program. A smoking cessation program, Positively Smoke Free on the Web (PSFW+), developed by Westat’s Cassandra Stanton, PhD, and colleagues was also studied in a clinical trial funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Presentations from Westat’s staff (in bold) include the following.

Symposium/Podium Presentations


Garcia-Rosales, K. V., Edwards, K. C., Everard, C.,Kimmel, H. L., Deljohn Carr, C., Chang, J. T., Del Valle-Pinero, A., Dimova, H., Hammad, H. T., Mukhopadhyay, A., Pacek, L., Roh, E. J., Salim, A. H., Tolliver, E. A., Wang, J., Hyland, A., Ashley, D., Goniewicz, M., and Hatsukami, D. Nicotine exposure among youth and young adults who exclusively use ENDS, cigarettes, dual use ENDS and cigarettes, or do not use any tobacco: The PATH Study, 2018-2019.

Edwards, K. C., Garcia-Rosales, K. V., Blanco, C., Compton, W., Everard, C.,Kimmel, H. L., van Bemmel, D., Chang, C. M., Christensen, C. H., Del Valle-Pinero, A., Duffy, K., Hammad, H. T., Harvanko, A., Mishina, E. V., Montes de Oca, R., Kc, P., Rivers, D., Roh, E. J., Tolliver, E. A., Xu, K., Hyland, A., Ashley, D., Goniewicz, M., Hatsukami, D., Merrill, L., Sharma, E., and Taylor, K. A. ENDS use and nicotine exposure among adults who use ENDS alone or with cigarettes: The PATH Study 2013-2019.

Health Equity Considerations in Randomized Controlled Trials

Stanton, C.A., Ozga, J.E., Kim, R.S., Graham, A.L., Chander, G., and Shuter, J. Differences in cigarette abstinence for those who smoke menthol versus non-menthol cigarettes in a smoking cessation RCT for people with HIV from urban communities in the United States.

Stanton, C.A., Ozga, J.E., Kim, R.S., Graham, A.L., Chander, G., and Shuter, J. The interaction between self-reported financial stability and randomized study arm in a multisite randomized controlled cigarette cessation trial for people with HIV.

Novel Predictors of Smoking Cessation and Relapse

Ozga, J.E., Jensen, J.K., Perez, A., Chen-Sankey, J., Moran, M., Pericot-Valverde, I., and Stanton, C.A. The effect of exposure to electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) advertisements on cigarette relapse in 2018-2019 among adults reporting former cigarette use in 2016-2017: Findings from the PATH Study.

Transdisciplinary Rapid Fire Session

Shi, R., Khayat, A., Lee, J., Garrison, K., Jebai, R., Wackowski, O., Ozga, J., and Stanton, C. Trends in e-cigarette advertisements following major policy changes in the U.S.: the warning label requirements, Tobacco 21, and the flavor enforcement policy.

Poster Presentations

Laestadius, L., Vassey, J., Van Hoorn, K., Ozga, J.E., Stanton, C.A., Li, D., Han, E., and Romer, D. Tobacco, nicotine, and counter-marketing promotions using Instagram’s branded content tool.

Pasch, K.E., Thomas, J.E., Stanton, C.A., Ozga, J.E., and Chen-Sankey, J. Change in ENDS perceptions as possible mediators of the relationship between ENDS marketing exposure and ENDS initiation among youth: results from the PATH Study.

Sharma, A., Belton, A., Ozga, J.E., Ling, P., Hrywna, M., Cornacchione Ross, J., Ganz, O., Bold, K., and Stanton, C.A. ‘Laughs at no smoking signs’ and more. . . marketing strategies in business-to-business marketing for oral nicotine products.

Sharma, E., Dubsky, J., Garcia-Rosales, K. V., Halenar, M., Beson, A., Maki, A., Ruybal, A. L., Morse, A. L., Sawdey, M. D., Alrefai-Kirkpatrick, R., Skara, S., Ntim, S. A., Chang, H., Aung, T. Kimmel, H. L., Pearson, J. L., Bansal-Travers, M., Taylor, K. A., Hyland, A., and Novotny, T. E. Disposal Practices of Cigarettes and ENDS Among Adults, Findings from Wave 6 (2021) of the PATH Study.

Sharma, E., Lauten, K., Zebrak, K. A., Edwards, K. C., VenEtten, S., Benson, A., Delnevo, C. D., Marhsall, D., Kimmel, H. L., Taylor, K. A., Bansal-Travers, M., Hyland, A., and Cummings, K. M. Respiratory symptoms and outcomes among adults who smoke cigars: Findings from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) Study, Waves 2-5 (2014-2019).

Stanton, C.A., Ozga, J.E., Kim, R.S., Graham, A.L., Chander, G., and Shuter, J. E-cigarette use, reasons for use, and associations with cigarette cessation among people with HIV in a randomized controlled smoking cessation trial.

Vogel, E.A., Ranker, L.R., Harrell, P.T., Hart, J.L., Kong, G., McIntosh, S., Meissner, H.I., Ozga, J.E., Romer, D., Seidenberg, A., Silver, N., and Stanton, C.A. Youth and young adults’ perceptions of nicotine and tobacco product content on social media.


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