Carla Bozzolo

Principal Research Associate


Carla Bozzolo is a Principal Research Associate for Social Policy and Economics Research. She is an experienced researcher supporting federal and state government agencies’ qualitative research design and analysis. She has particular expertise in public health, behavior change, food and nutrition services, and measuring customer and employee satisfaction through survey research, usability testing, materials testing, and interviews. She is a skilled and experienced moderator and interviewer and has conducted many focus groups and interviews with a variety of audiences.

Bozzolo’s projects include an evaluation of the End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program for CMS, the evaluation of the Autism CARES Act Initiative for HRSA, and the Food Security Status and Well-Being of Nutrition Assistance Program Participants in Puerto Rico for USDA FNS. For each project, she designs the data collection strategy; analyzes data from various sources, including key informant interviews, administrative data, and environmental scans; and develops reports and presentations for information dissemination.


  • MPH, University of Maryland, College Park’s Graduate School of Public Health
  • BA, Sociology, Ohio State University

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