Westat Field Data Collectors: Collecting Data to Improve Lives

December 16, 2022

Field data collectors are a vital part of research. They gather data from study respondents or make observations that, ultimately, help inform policymakers about what is really going on in communities with regards to health, education, safety, and the effectiveness of programs and policies. 

Westat has a large portfolio of ongoing projects, both large and small, with data collection components that are fielded throughout the year. If it impacts your life, you can be confident that, at some point, Westat has studied it.

Westat field data collectors, for example,

  • Gather information on Americans’ health care use and those costs
  • Interview caregivers of older adults with dementia to learn how best to expand supportive services
  • Collect biomedical samples that inform our understanding of the causes, progression, prevention, and detection of cancer
  • Collect key data on student progress from elementary to high school years
  • Are an essential part of improving highway safety by participating in field observations on travel behavior
  • Westat field interviewers are highly respected and provide the highest quality data for these research topics. They are the first step of the research process, connecting with survey respondents, establishing rapport, and letting them know the importance of their contributions to a study. Every day our field staff perform valuable work, learning about peoples’ lives and how they’re impacted.

There are many jobs available; all require passion and provide unmatched satisfaction. Where else can you talk with interesting people and complete each day knowing you are making a difference to improve the lives of others?

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