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Working Toward Equity

February 9, 2021

Equity exists when people share equal rights, access, opportunities, and outcomes, regardless of characteristics, such as race, social class, gender, or age. Westat is a leader in research, evaluation, technical assistance, and capacity building that informs policy, systems, and service delivery to address equity issues affecting a broad range of vulnerable populations. Indeed, our work relevant to advancing equity aims to eliminate disparities in education, health care, housing, and employment.

As our President and CEO Scott Royal, Ph.D., put it in a recent message to our staff, clients, and partners: “As a research company, those of us at Westat have an understanding of issues impacting equality in our society that is based on data. As a community, we share a desire to work for inclusion and equity for all people.”

A good representation of the work that we do for our clients and in our research commitments across race, gender, income, and social policy issues is presented here. We continue to strive to support efforts for racial, social, and economic justice through our work and as responsible researchers, carry out our work with an equitable lens.


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