Joy Frechtling

Vice President


Joy Frechtling, PhD, is a Vice President for Education Studies, and her work has focused on educational evaluation—both formative and summative—primarily in the K-12 sector. She has led studies on a variety of substantive areas, including technology; literacy; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teaching and learning; and the arts, with a consistent view to issues of equity.

A recognized expert on logic models, Frechtling employs a mixed methods approach to evaluation design, focusing on tailoring a design and data collection approach to the specifics of an evaluation and the needs of individual clients. Guiding each evaluation is the goal of program improvement, informing not only success in attaining outcomes but also why an outcome might or might not have been attained. Evaluation is viewed as a tool for collaborative learning.


  • PhD, Developmental Psychology, George Washington University
  • BA, Psychology, Vassar College


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