What can public housing authorities do to promote health?

Promoting a culture of health with housing


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) developed the vision for a Culture of Health in America in 2014 by setting a national agenda to improve population health, equity, and well-being.

Westat is conducting the Culture of Health Progress Report to track and assess RWJF’s role in contributing toward achieving these outcomes.


In the first 2 phases of the work, the Progress Report took a developmental evaluation approach, including activities to inform the development of RWJF’s Theory of Change and a long-term evaluation plan.

In Phase 3, the Progress Report is conducting a background study of the work of the Foundation, assessing the alignment of the work to the Theory of Change, evaluations that have been conducted of the work, and a synthesis strategy. A key focus of the effort is understanding the role that health equity plays.


RWJF’s efforts generally align with the Theory of Change, and health equity undergirds almost all the work that is underway. COVID-19 and social justice events in 2020 have led to greater focus on racial equity within the health equity focus.

Synthesis work will focus on those areas of the Theory of Change that have clusters of work underway and evaluations focused on the outcomes of the work.


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